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Luisa Catucci Gallery

(01.04.2011 - 30.04.2011)

          Luisa Catucci Gallery
          Luisa Catucci
          Allerstr 38
          12049 Berlin

Die Adresse der Ausstellung lautet:
 Cell63 artgallery
Allerstr 38
 12049 Berlin

Beschreibung der Ausstellung:
  (Imperfect/Impossible) is the new project by Italian artists Massimo Festi and Francesca Randi. Curator Erica Olmetti This project is dedicated to masks of all genres and is thus automatically connected to the importance of identity in our contemporary society. Massimo Festi and Francesca Randi propose an interesting photographic research: a new artistic interpretation of personal experiences and the symbolic of masks related to... the human condition with a particular attention to the feelings of isolation and alienation - both quite clearly expressed in the artists' works. This specific Berlin project will be enriched by Francesca Randi’s video titled “Wunderkammer Party” which features the ambiguous destinies of equally masked human figures, as well as by Sara Draghi’s performance inspired by the surreal atmospheres and the mysterious characters already represented in the photos, namely an innocent and dreamy child with a billy goat mask who becomes a disenchanted armed and masked woman, a sad and passive spectator of the mysterious truth lying before her eyes. The set of the figures shoot by Francesca Randi is also voluntarily unclear and obscure: small spaces lavishly decorated- or in other words, her Wunderkammer. The ancient concept of Wonder Room becomes here a dystopia, a sort of Horror Room; the characters photographed do not care about their surrounding and want just to expose themselves. Dropped in a world of violence, sex and anti-cultural orthodox aptitudes, Massimo Festi’s characters are conscious of their imperfection and search for a synthesis of the contemporary issues of identity. Like images dropped out a fashion magazine and representing the serial lecture of our world, the works by Massimo Festi, with their decadent and alienated characters, step on the catwalks of restlessness and the consequences of unsafe present and nonexistent future.

Luisa Catucci Gallery

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