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Luisa Catucci Gallery

Our Paradise
(01.06.2012 - 08.07.2012)

          Luisa Catucci Gallery
          Luisa Catucci
          Allerstr 38
          12049 Berlin

Die Adresse der Ausstellung lautet:
 Cell63 artgallery
Allerstr 38
 12049 Berlin

Beschreibung der Ausstellung:
  Frauke Danzer – sculptures/installation Luisa Catucci - illustration/photography Margherita Leoni – paintings/print/video Pia Fernandez - illustration Performers: Fenia Kotsopoulou, Simona Di Lucchio, The Sewing Machine, Alice Masprone Our Paradise The gallery will be transformed in a Earthly Paradise, thanks to the work of the artist Margherita Leoni, “Paradiso Terrestre”, an installation of Digital Art on canvas, that will cover the walls of the gallery's entry room, creating the illusion of entering in the Garden of Eden. Margherita Leoni's work is the result of 10 years spent in the Brazilian Jungle painting on watercolor the flowers and plants surrounding her and now recomposed, overlapped, joint and often exaggerated in proportions to emphasize the nature's importance and uniqueness, as an indispensable part of our life. We live in a potentially paradisiac World, very rich in life, but we quite often forget it. The paradisiac sensation in the show is reinforced by the presence of the surreal and mystical Creatures by Frauke Danzer, which are evidently coming from outer worlds, in virtue of their purity and sincerity, they look like being the natural inhabitant of the Garden of Even. In the meanwhile the illustrations and photography by Luisa Catucci and Pia Fernandez with a most recognizable use of classical iconography will finish to accompany the visitors in this Paradise's trip. Trip showing also the other side of the coin: dropping from Even. An apple is picked. Fire has burned. A natural reserve becomes an expanse of smoking coal. Angels are falling. A video, testifying the natural disaster of the burning of the Emas Parque in Brazil; paintings made out the coal, remaining of the earthly Paradise that was before; illustrations and installations remembering us how precarious can be Our Paradise, if we keep acting as we do not care.

Luisa Catucci Gallery

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