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Abnormals Gallery

"Nobody's Here" - Ol Skoczylas solo exhibition
(06.11.2010 - 08.12.2010)

          Abnormals Gallery
          Abnormals Gallery
          Linienstr. 154
          10115 Berlin

Die Adresse der Ausstellung lautet:
 Abnormals Gallery
Linienstr. 154
 10115 Berlin

Beschreibung der Ausstellung:
  Ol Skoczylas exhibition 6.11.2010 - 8.12.2010 Ol Skoczylas (Oleg_olga) - "Nobody's Here" Exhibition: 6 November - 8 December 2010 Opening: 6 November 2010, 19 - 22h ...For the first time in Berlin, Warsaw resident artist Ol Skoczylas (oleg-olga) is showing selected photographs in a solo-exhibition. His carefully selected models are portrayed in a state of utter vulnerability, playing with gender, ignoring its traditional roles and stereotypes, but never in an overly extravagant or confident fashion. There is never a clash of elements in his photos, just one or two elements that fit the models in a natural, harmonious way. The emphasis is on the body’s expressive force, which, in the artist’s world, is always gentle and sensitive. The models stand on their own, maintaining a distance from the spectator, almost unwilling to reveal anything about themselves. Inadvertently, they do, which turns us into intruders into the private spheres created between the artist and his muses… Ol Skoczylas is a self-taught photographer and painter from Warsaw, Poland. He studied philosophy at UKSW university. After obtaining his Master’s degree, Ol started to travel around, initially using photography only as an inspiration for paintings, but little by little he used it to explore the medium and discover his own photographic voice. Solo exhibitions 2009 „Chyba nie do końca” New Theater, Łodz, Poland 2010 „oleg-olga” ToTu Gallery, Warsaw, Poland Publications available in the gallery with work by Ol Skoczylas 2009 New Polish Nude Photography (nEgoist) 2009 New Nude Photography (nEgoist)

Abnormals Gallery

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